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Working out of
the boxx

International inspiration anchored in local roots.

Building better business in Bruges, that is the approach of the entrepreneurs who revived this building on the banks of the Nijverheidsdok in Bruges.

Creative entrepreneurs Kurt De Vlieghere and David van Gessel developed a number of coworking concepts in the past for customers, both nationally and internationally. BLACKBOXX brought them the perfect setting and location to convert their inspiration, which they found in cities such as New York, Berlin and London, into local reality.

This time not in a major metropolis, but in Bruges, where they have their roots. Because here too there are a lot of dynamic entrepreneurs with a lot of enthusiasm and a need for the ideal workspace.

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In Khadija Ouchoukout they found a passionate community manager to help shape the BLACKBOXX story. Khadija is the face of BLACKBOXX day in day out and is building an inspiring co-working community together with our members.

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