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BLACKBOXX Gevel 25 06 2020 | Blackboxx
Plug in and boost your business

Are you energised by your workspace? We are. And we know the reason why.

1650 m² of inspiring space for entrepreneurship and innovation, room for 120 enthusiastic people and a community that boosts this enthusiasm… that’s BLACKBOXX.

Here you can think, focus, talk, brainstorm, inspire and be inspired. From early morning coffee on the terrace on the water front until the late hours in Bar Noir.

Join us, plug in, feel the vibe and boost yourself and your business.

BLACKBOXX 15 06 20 Skinn Welcome Post Corona 9 I7 A7383 | Blackboxx

Your unique workspace here, in this renovated industrial building full of character.

Open bright work spaces with a view of the water. A terrace on the water front, where you can hold meetings, have lunch and take breaks. Meeting areas inside, big and small. A spacious event venue, the trendy Bar Noir, the cosy lobby. Open workspaces, designed and furnished so you can focus on your work, in a functional interior full of character.

BLACKBOXX 19 11 2019 21 | Blackboxx
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