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Looking for an office in Bruges? At BLACKBOXX there's now a private BOXX space of 60m² available where you can easily work with a team of 10 people. Grab this unique opportunity NOW!

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Want to be a part of the BLACKBOXX community, enjoy all facilities and services on a daily basis, but do you prefer to work in a private and closed off space? Then the BOXX might be your ideal solution.

Looking for a flex office, a small office, a temporary space, a healthy workplace or a flexible office space to rent? At BLACKBOXX co-working in Bruges, we offer everyone a tailor-made workspace for office sharing.

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A dedicated BOXX / Entrance to the communal areas like BAR NOIR, the toilets, lunch space & the lobby

Welcome desk / Controlled access / Internet / ICT-infrastructure / General facilities / General insurance

Meetboxx (4h a month per person) / Post and package service / Advanced printers (print credits per person) / desk & drawers, desk chair, paper bin

Interesting business contacts / Shared digital platform / Monthly events & info sessions

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Your own workspace in a dedicated BOXX:

€450 excl. VAT per person / per month (BOXX min. 2 persons)

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Ex. 'BE 0123.321.123'
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