Tête Talk: Mario Haneca - Mind Transformers

A black box holds all the knowledge and information about a journey. You could say the same thing about us, at BLACKBOXX. That is why we regularly organise a ‘tête-à-tête’ with one of our members, so we can share their knowledge with the world. This time we had a talk with Mario Haneca from Mind Transformers.

Who is Mario Haneca? Describe yourself in a few words.

Mario: “Entrepreneur, partner of Evelyn for almost thirty years now and father of two fantastic teenage daughters. I am an engineer by education, after which I got my MBA. I have worked in various positions in both large companies and start-ups. About five years ago I decided to choose personal development. After an in-depth coaching process, 2017 was a very transformative year, I decided to do this myself, for entrepreneurs.

I am an energetic person in everything I do, people who know me will certainly confirm that. I am someone who goes for depth, a superficial conversation is not my thing. I like a deeper conversation where I get to know someone better, which in turn comes in handy because I like to help people. I am also ambitious, because I believe that growth gets the best out of a person. That doesn't just apply to me, I also like to cultivate the potential in others. I am also impatient, which goes together with the ambition to go fast. It's a pitfall sometimes, because I quickly take matters into my own hands if they don't move forward.”

What is Mind Transformers all about? What is your added value in the world and what does the future look like for your sector?

Mario: “I give entrepreneurs the life they want, not the life they think they can get. They usually want more than they think they can get. I help them achieve that and I help them get rid of what they no longer want.
We like to talk about inclusive entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur is the foundation of a company, his energy is central in this, which is also determined by things such as his health or partner relationship. Entrepreneurs often work too much and at the expense of relationships. That was no different for me. So I actually help people with the things I struggle with myself. That may sound illogical, but I have already built up a lot of experience in these matters. Transformation is a real process, you can continue to grow and evolve, that brings perspective. If you ask people the question: What are your goals? Then only 13% have a goal, and only 3% have their goals written down. People spend a lot more time planning their vacations than they do planning their lives.
Helping people grow is the first step, creating certain habits is next. What are beliefs that stand in their way, when do they turn to fear... We help them through that wall of fear and we build their self-image, because it is a decisive factor in achieving your goals.
99% of the people I work with are entrepreneurs. It is never just about work, it is a combination of health, family and leisure. I help them create a life worth living.
Looking to the future, I think the need for coaching in general will only increase. That's because of the rapidly changing environment we live in, because of the distraction and the pressure. We therefore work on strengthening the entrepreneur's inner resilience.
I think there is also a future in the holistic approach to coaching. Whoever is the entrepreneur in his business has a lot to do with his energy and it is influenced by all kinds of things such as nutrition, breathing, lifestyle. Today there is a need for people who thoroughly understand both the business and the energetic part. I'll also add spirituality to this. People are looking for more meaning in life. My sweet spot is the combination of those three: business, energy and spirituality.”

What knowledge or skills do you bring to the table?

Mario: “My background as an engineer is very technical. In the different roles I have had from VP of product to sales and marketing director, sales manager and account manager I have built up the skills to dive deep with the entrepreneur, with what he wants to create in his purpose and vision, even up to that technical level. So I can go in depth on the business side, but I also have knowledge about the psychological component on the other side. The component I am adding now is the energetic. Few people can master all three. I think that's my forte.”

What would you talk about over a drink at BAR NOIR today?

Mario: “It's probably a quirk of the trade, but it's my mission and so many conversations cover it: what are you working on and what do you want to create? Because many people live on autopilot. It starts with setting clear goals and thinking about what really makes you happy, not just in terms of your business. It goes much further than that. Our Lifebook tool proves that. With it you can work on twelve areas of your life: social relationships, health, finances, character, spirituality, ... Which goals will you set, which habits will you create? ... We develop the awareness that you are not a victim of what happens around you, but that you can have an ownership mentality about the life you want instead. If you ask two or three questions in that direction, you usually have enough input for the whole evening.”

What inspired you recently?

Mario: “Last weekend I discovered Sue Morter, an American specialist who understands very well where people get stuck on an energetic and emotional level. I got a lot of inspiration from that, because I know that many entrepreneurs don't get where they want to because they carry a weight on an energetic level. I see it as a challenge to make that broad shift: on the one hand, what does an entrepreneur want to create, and on the other hand, where is he stuck because of his past. If we can unravel that puzzle, we can start doing important things.”

You were the very first BLACKBOXX member, now you are moving to your own office. What has BLACKBOXX meant to you in your growth?

Mario: “BLACKBOXX has meant a lot. When you enter the space you feel a certain energy and atmosphere, you can't always put your finger on it, but you get the urge to work hard and talk to people. There’s a great atmosphere for doing business. My turnover has gone x4 over the past 2 years. Of course that's not just because of BLACKBOXX, but I've worked well here. I have also gained a few customers, so the network is certainly interesting as well. The fact that BLACKBOXX is run by entrepreneurs like Ruth and Kurt is also inspiring and has shown me many possibilities. You can grow here economically up to your first employees. But at a certain point, when you systematically need more space and meeting rooms, having my own space was the logical next step for me.
What I will miss incredibly here is the fantastic view over the water. Every visitor I have invited here has loved the location. The BIZZ TALKS in BAR NOIR have also proved to be a serious growth path for me, talking to other entrepreneurs. We would therefore like to continue with it in the future if possible. BLACKBOXX has been a great foundation for my success today. Our new location, nearby at Steenkaai called ‘The Mind’, offers space to work with 4 to 5 coaches, so the location breathes potential. Perfect for the next chapter of Mind Transformers.