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Bar Noir

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bar noir

Impress your guests in the best bar in Bruges

Bar Noir is just the place for your event, big or small, nice and cosy or loud and energetic. When the weather is good, we open the window and your guests can enjoy a snack and a drink on the terrace on the banks of the Nijverheidsdok. Facilities include music system, BBQ and lots more. And is there something you need that isn’t already provided? Let’s talk.

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BAR NOIR is equipped as standard with tables and chairs and, of course, a bar, with fridge and microwave ovens. You can decorate the area completely yourself in your own style.

Personalise BAR NOIR

Reception tables / extra chairs / projector / extra fridges / barbecue / sofas / whiteboard / music system / etc.

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For a half day / evening: € 750

For a full day: € 1.000

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